Joinery Services Glasgow

Joinery Services Glasgow

At ATC Construction we understand the skills and levels of workmanship required to plan and complete specialist carpentry and woodwork jobs.

Some wood joints employ fasteners, bindings, or adhesives, while others will use only wood elements. The characteristics of wooden joints – strength, flexibility, toughness, appearance, etc. – derive from the properties of the joining materials and from how they are used in the joints. Therefore, different joinery techniques are used to meet differing requirements.

Joinery Services Glasgow. At ATC we understand the properties of different wood type and are mindful of all processes involved when creating a new building or maintaining an existing structure.

Joinery: Wood Strength – Wood is stronger when stressed along the grain (longitudinally) than it is when stressed across the grain (radially and tangentially). Wood is a natural composite material; parallel strands of cellulose fibers are held together by a lignin binder. These long chains of fibers make the wood exceptionally strong by resisting stress and spreading the load over the length of the board. Furthermore, cellulose is tougher than lignin, a fact demonstrated by the relative ease with which wood can be split along the grain compared to across it.

Joinery: Dimensional Stability – Timber expands and contracts in response to humidity, usually much less so longitudinally than in the radial and tangential directions. As tracheophytes, trees have lignified tissues which transport resources such as water, minerals and photosynthetic products up and down the plant. While lumber from a harvested tree is no longer alive, these tissues still absorb and expel water causing swelling and shrinkage of the wood in kind with change in humidity. When the dimensional stability of the wood is paramount, quarter-sawn or rift-sawn lumber is preferred because its grain pattern is consistent and thus reacts less to humidity.

Understanding wood strength and dimensional stability are just two of the key factors we identify in our process, which are crucial elements in every job we undertake.

Our wood craftsmen show a high understanding of Butt Joints, Bridle Joints, Dowel Joints, Mitre Joints, Finger Joints, Dovetail Joints, Tongue and Groove Joints, Cross Laps and Splice Joints to name a few. Our team of highly trained joiners & carpenters offer a vast range of skills underpinned with reliable workmanship that will stand the test of time. Whether you require new builds or maintenance our team have the necessary skills to provide peace of mind.

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