Green Homes Cashback Scheme Funding

Green Homes Cashback Scheme

Funding has been fully allocated for phase 3 of the Scottish Government’s Green Homes Cashback scheme, and vouchers are no longer issued.

We are operating a waiting list and anyone wishing to provide their details will be put in a queue to be issued with a voucher on a first come, first served basis, if further funding becomes available.

Under the Green Homes Cashback scheme, a voucher for a grant of up to £7,300 can be requested by applying to the waiting list and it is open to owner occupiers, private and social tenants and registered private sector landlords. You can apply for up to £500 for a boiler, up to £400 for insulation measures, and up to £300 for other measures like double glazing or draught proofing. For installations of solid wall insulation you can also apply for 75% of the total cost up to £6,000. In addition to this up to £100 can be applied for towards the cost of the Green Deal Advice Report if applicants are issued a voucher and install and claim for at least one measure. For the full eligibility criteria and terms and conditions for the Green Homes Cashback scheme, please click here.

By applying to the waiting list there is no guarantee that further funding will become available or that a voucher will be issued.

To apply for the waiting list you must have had your Green Deal Advice Report completed and have the reference numbers to hand. We cannot offer a rebate towards the cost of a Green Deal Advice Report unless you are issued a voucher and go on to complete and claim for at least one eligible measure.

What measures are eligible?

You can claim a rebate under the Green Homes Cashback scheme for the measures listed below, as long as they are recommended in your Green Deal Advice Report. Call 0800 6906909 for details.

Solid wall insulation: 75% of the total installation cost up to £6,000

• Internal or external wall insulation

Boiler: 100% of the costs up to £500

• Condensing gas boiler
• Condensing oil boiler
• Condensing LPG boiler

Other insulation measures: 100% of the costs up to £400

• Cavity wall insulation
• Flat roof insulation
• Floor insulation
• Loft insulation (including top-up)
• Room-in-roof insulation

Other measures: 100% of the costs up to £300

• Cylinder thermostat
• Double/Triple glazing
• • Draught proofing
• Fan assisted electric storage heating
• Flue gas heat recovery system
• Heating controls (programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves)*
• Hot water tank insulation
• Insulated doors
• Replacement warm air unit
• Secondary glazing
• Waste water heat recovery (heat recovered from the drain of a shower)

*A claim for heating controls cannot be combined with a claim for a boiler.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to apply for phase 3 of the Green Homes Cashback scheme all of the following criteria need to be met. You must also agree to the terms and conditions.

• Work on the installation must not have commenced before the date on which this rebate voucher is issued.
• Any measures you wish to install must be recommended in your pre-install Green Deal Advice Report under the section “Recommendations for improvement”, which you must have carried out before applying.
• If you claimed under phase 2 of the Green Homes Cashback scheme, you may be able to apply to this phase of the scheme for the same property for other measures. You may use your existing Green Deal Advice Report to do this, assuming it was completed within the last 18 months. Please note you cannot claim towards the cost of this Green Deal Advice Report if claimed for previously.
• You must use a Green Deal certified installer to carry out the planned installation work (unless you choose to self-install loft insulation, draught proofing or hot water tank insulation). The installer must be Green Deal certified specifically for the measure you wish to install. Self-install measures that are installed by non-Green Deal certified installers cannot be considered for funding.
• If your Green Deal Advice Report recommends installing loft insulation and/or cavity wall insulation you will not be able to claim for any other eligible measures until these have both been installed. You must either: have already installed these measures before submitting your voucher to claim for other measures; or install these measures as part of the work you will be carrying out and claiming for under the Green Homes Cashback scheme.
• Please note, in cases where the Green Deal Advice Report recommends loft insulation and/or cavity wall insulation but you can demonstrate (by providing a technical survey or similar) that the construction is unsuitable for such insulation measures (e.g. non-standard cavities) we may consider an application for funding other measures. In these cases you should send details to or call 0808 108 9414.
• You must gain a new Energy Performance Certificate for your property once the measure(s) has been installed to show that the measure(s) no longer appears as a recommendation. This may automatically happen if you are also taking out Green Deal finance.
• You can only claim a rebate for measures that are eligible for funding under this phase of the Green Homes Cashback scheme, which can be found on our website. Please note LEDs are not eligible under this phase of the Green Homes Cashback scheme.
• You cannot combine a rebate for a boiler with a rebate for heating controls.
• You cannot combine Green Homes Cashback scheme funding with ECO or HEEPS:ABS funding or any other Scottish Government energy efficiency grant however you can combine a Green Homes Cashback rebate voucher with Green Deal finance.
• You must be the occupier or private landlord of the residential property (in Scotland) in which the new measure will be installed.
• If you are a tenant you must confirm that you have the written consent of your landlord prior to installation.
• If you are a private landlord you must be registered with the relevant local authority.
• You are not entitled to receive a rebate if the property in which the new measure(s) is to be installed is used as a holiday or second home.
• If you are a landlord, you must ensure receipt of the rebate will not result in you receiving illegal State aid.
• You are only entitled to redeem your voucher and claim your rebate when the installation of all the measure(s) in your property has/have been completed. You cannot claim for further measures once you have submitted your claim.
• Any funds received through the scheme must be paid into a bank account held by the homeowner (or tenant, where the tenant is the applicant).
• We cannot pay to any third parties including installers or letting agents.