Green Deal Faqs

Green Deal FAQ’s

Are there guarantees that savings will be achieved and the Golden Rule will be met?

No, there are no guarantees but the savings estimates used by Green Deal Providers to calculate the amount of finance they can offer a customer will be reduced by a set percentage (called an ‘in-use factor’). This approach was also taken in the CERT Scheme. The in-use factors have been recommended by a team of experts and are different for each measure.

Is there a cap on the amount of Green Deal finance available?

No, there is no cap on the amount of finance a customer can receive through Green Deal, but the total amount available will be limited by the Golden Rule.

Can Green Deal be used with Feed-in Tariffs or the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Green Deal packages can include energy efficiency, renewable heat and energy generation products together. However, you will not be able to use expected income from the Feed-in Tariff, for example, to help you meet the Golden Rule.

Renewable Heat Incentive payments will be conditional on making ‘Green Deal-able’ thermal efficiency improvements to the property, so that renewable heat is not wasted.

What is the Green Deal Finance Company?

The Green Deal Finance Company is a private-sector consortium looking to provide Green Deal finance to a wide customer base. It has submitted a business plan to the government for investment but the service has not been procured by government. Members of the Green Deal Finance Company include British Gas, Carillion, Clifford Chance, E.ON, EDF Energy, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Insta Group, Kingfisher, Linklaters, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets, Mark Group, npower, PwC, RBC Capital Markets and SSE.

What protection is being put in place for consumers?

The government has put in place a range of consumer protections including:

• New accreditation and standards so customers can have confidence in those authorised under the Green Deal
• Strengthening cold-calling protections by introducing a cooling-off period of one day
• Only allowing cross-selling of products where the customer has agreed to this in advance
• Ensuring that assessors outline any commission they receive or ties they have to Green Deal Providers and disclose when they are moving from the impartial assessment stage to a sale
• Making Green Deal Providers offer minimum periods of mandatory cover: five years for warranties, 10 years for building damage cover and 25 years for cavity or solid wall insulation
• Comfort that the Golden Rule has to be met in all instances.

Can customers on pre-payment meters take out a Green Deal Plan?

Yes. However, the current design of prepayment meters does not allow for the collection of the Green Deal payment as a standing charge, therefore the charge will be collected in the same way as arrears are collected.

Can customers that take out a Green Deal Plan still switch energy supplier?

Yes, providing that the new supplier is participating in the Green Deal payment collection mechanism.

How can I get my product included within Green Deal?

The process for adding new measures to RdSAP (and as a result to the Green Deal) is called ‘Appendix Q’. It enables the testing and verification of measures to ensure that they are able to reduce energy consumption. If they can, they can be modeled in the software, recommended during a Green Deal Assessment, and added to the list of eligible measures.